Our Story


Bonnie Lou’s Café is a late 1800’s General Store that belonged to the Ruggle family for four generations. Bonnie Martin, the owner of the café, grew up in the Floradale area and remembers biking to the store for candy as a child.

When the store went up for sale, Bonnie and her husband decided something had to be done to the store so more people could come and appreciate the historically rich building with so many preserved memories . All the original counters, hardwood floors, shelving, spice bins, and even the old post office boxes still remain.There are many antiques on display to enjoy, even a porcelain doll that was found in the wall during renovation!  A picture of our late Prime Minister Mackenzie King greeting his taylor who made his suits at the general store is on display.The Nostalgia of our place will tug at your heartstrings!

We opened our café in May 2009, and have enjoyed meeting many people from all over the world. Its a great destination place to add to your list of places to see.

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